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Ransomware – Cryptoware

There have been a lot of computers that have come in lately that have been infected with Ransomware. These type of infections encrypt your data (Document, pictures, etc.) with a strong encryption and then demand that you pay them a large amount of money to give you the decryption key to unlock your files. Most

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Removing the Windows 10 Upgrade Nag Icon

Microsoft has now made the “Upgrade to Windows 10” an important update instead of a optional update.  There are some people out there that are content to run Windows 7 and not upgrade.  After all, Windows 7 will be supported until Jan. 14, 2020 ( If you’re tired of seeing the Windows 10 upgrade notification,

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Windows 10 Update may remove programs automatically

If you’re running Windows 10 and you’ve installed the latest Windows 10 Version 1511 update, you may have noticed that there are some programs missing from your computer that used to be there.  Well, that’s because the new update automatically gets rid of programs that it deems is not compatible with Windows 10.  No notice.

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